David Sills

  • Dr. David Sills, Professor and Missiologist often blogs about current issues in missions and cultural anthropology.

J. D. Payne

  • J. D. Payne specializes in church planting in North America.  His blog is updated several times a day with the latest stats and trends.

Bryan Galloway

  • Dr. Bryan Galloway is an expert in areas of cultural anthropology and ethnography.  His blog is a great resource for those interested in studying cultures.


The Joshua Project

The Caleb Project

Peoples of North America

IMB Global Research


“How Shall they Hear? The Interface of Urbanization and Orality in North American Ethnic Church Planting

This is a link to my Ph.D dissertation which explores the impact of immigration on cultural identity of immigrants, particularly from a rural to an urban setting.


Nepali Refugees in Louisville, KY

Identifying and Reaching Ethnic Groups in the City

Iqaluit, Nunavut Ethnography

  • I contributed the research and writing for the culture and language sections.

City Profile of Mumbai, India

The Syrian-Lebanese Diaspora in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Malaysian Chinese Ethnography

PowerPoint Presentations
These presentations are for personal viewing only.  Please ask for permission before using them otherwise.

Introduction to Animism

Identifying and Reaching Ethnic Groups in the City

 Understanding Rituals for Missional Purpose


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