Philosophy and Methodology of Missions – How do you get where you’d like to go?

Professor David Sills likes to say, “Your theology drives your ecclesiology” and “your philosophy drives your methodology.”  When you think about it, those statements make sense.  How you define what a church is will influence how you go about planting one.  If you believe that Christians are called to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, your methods will lead to that end.  I’m not a marketing genius but I know that a pastor and missionary’s philosphy of missions is crucial.  If you don’t have an end goal, you likely will not have an action plan.  Without an action plan, you will likely blunder along and not really get anywhere.  You don’t need to have every detail planned before you start, but it is helpful to have at least a general framework in place to guide you.  Click on the link below to read my philosophy and methodology of missions.  Consider writing down your own when you are finished – you’d be suprised how difficult it is if you’ve not thought through your philosophy before.  It’s worth the effort though, and you might actually see your ministry impove as you put your philosophy into action!

Personal Missions Philosophy and Methodology


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