Understanding Rituals for Missional Purpose

Western Christians tend to be afraid of rituals, even anti-ritual.  Rituals often bring to mind images of idolatry and magic, head hunting and cannibalism.  In reality, people use rituals continually.  Every culture has a ritualistic script for greeting one another, whether it be a smile and a handshake, a bow, or a simple “Hi, how are you?”  Rituals range from simple greetings to profoundly deep ceremonies.  Rituals give content and meaning to things that are too deep for words.  They point to realities greater than themselves.

To read more about rituals, their function in society, and how they can be used to communicate the gospel, click on the link below.

Understanding Rituals for Missional Purpose


About culturnicity

Anthony Casey Cultural researcher, traveller, trainer, and learner
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