Flying Buddhist Monks

A well known Tibetan Buddhist monk has breakfast with his friends at the temple in an isolated river valley in the Himalayan foothills.  Later in the day, the monk is seen having dinner with friends at a temple in another isolated river valley five days’ walk from the first.  Both sightings are confirmed by multiple sources.  How is this possible?  To the Tibetans, the answer is as easy and natural as telling you their children’s names.  The monk transformed into his spirit body and simply went through the air to the distant location.

What do we do with such a story?  Do we write it off as superstition?  Is there a chance it really happened?  Stories like this one push our comfort levels; they are outside of our box.  We don’t have a category to make sense of it. 

This blog was created to help address such complex issues.  Cultural anthropology, Scripture, and the experiences of others give insight to help us understand various cultural phenomenon.  Check back on occassion to find new case studies, research, and interesting stories from around the world.


About culturnicity

Anthony Casey Cultural researcher, traveller, trainer, and learner
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